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Art: Faith Ringgold - "Flying Among the Stars" in Tar Beach

Fikayo Adebajo is a 22 year old Nigerian photographer and visual artist based in London. She studied Sociology at the London School of Economics, grounding her work in the traditions of decoloniality, black feminism and alternative forms of knowledge production. In particular, the Yoruba worldsense of "ori inu" or inner self plays a large part in informing her intuitive, fluid and collaborative approach to making. 

Working across fine art, documentary and editorial, she is influenced by the need to create new visual languages of representation to fully depict the full spectrum of the black experience. Centring joy, intimacy and community, she tells stories that demand existence outside the narrow confines of marginalisations that seek to define, presenting a methodology for finding joy in seeing and being seen, in moving slowly, in being uncertain and in sharing space.

Her focus on the materiality of the photograph at all stages of production lends itself to the detailed and symbolic set design of studio images, and intricate embroidery of finished prints. In this way, the act of image making is extended into tangible and known forms encoded with culture, tradition and implied meaning. 

Past exhibitions include:
“Re:Repair, Barbican Centre (2022)”; 
“AW21 Exhibition, The Photography Foundation (2022)
“Regenerate, Barbican Centre (2021)”
“Where is South”, Tate Modern (2019)” 
“New World (Dis)orders, London School of Economics (2019)
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